Lantau Excursion (2)

Tai O is a small town on the western part of Lantau Island. The place was literally piled together right on top of the water by fishermen.






My impression of Tai O is that it remains a fisherman’s village. Walking through the streets, I saw many stalls selling dried goods as above or live seafood, serving freshly cooked food including tofu dessert, and other toys and trinkets. There were also a few boats going out to give visitors of Tai O a scenic tour the surroundings.

I remember the guide mentioning that the young and the elderly make up a majority who live there while the youths are off to the city seeking a living. I don’t know if this is strictly the case, but it is unexpected to find such a place as Tai O in the vicinity of the metropolitan area not too far across the water on Hong Kong Island. With the exception of the Hong Kong Airport, Lantau Island is not so developed in general. As crowded as Hong Kong is famous for, I enjoy the natural scenery very much, and I appreciate that I live at a very green CUHK rather than in the middle of the city.

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