back to normal…

…at least that’s how it seems, now that I’m back in my home in San Jose, California. Things around here don’t seem to have changed much. Actually, my perception of this place is that it’s such a quiet little town compared to Hong Kong.

Reflection is something I didn’t do much of when I was actually in Hong Kong. My excuse was that time would much better be spent living and going out doing things rather than writing and daydreaming. My thought was that I’d wait for a gap of free time to open up and then I’d compose my thoughts in an essay. I think that was a mistake as I look back at this measly collection of 11 blog posts! Luckily, I do have a bunch of unsorted photos. I will share them with everyone; the ones worth sharing, that is.

I’ll pick up with this blog again. Though I’m not in a foreign land any more, being there made me realize how foreign I am in my own home. I will pay more attention to my city and my neighborhood. It seems like the best thing that I can bring to the table. Well, you’ll hear more from me soon after I rewrite some of this old stuff…

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